The Make Den: Sewing Classes

Do you remember when we started sewing classes in the New Year? Well, I have officially just finished 8 weeks of sewing classes and have graduated from Sewing FUNdamentals 1 and 2.

So, I have to declare that any preconceived notions that sewing is dorky is well, wrong. If you love clothes, throws and pillows- how can you not appreciate the art and craft behind it? While I may be no artisan, I am mighty proud of the goods I’ve created in-class.


 { My awesome on trend polka dot headband. }


{ New floral pillows for my breakfast nook. }


{ Cheerful zippered pouch for my make-up. }


{ Being green with my coffee cozy. }


{ Reversible, denim tote bag – can you tell I love polka dots?! }


{ Is this not the most rockstar apron you’ve seen? }

If you’re looking for a new hobby or want a fun, different way to spend time with friends, I highly recommend taking the Sewing FUNdamentals classes at The Make Den. Walk into the seafoam green studios and I guarantee you’ll feel right at home and inspired.

Happy Sewing!


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