Lightening Up for Spring

Before befriending Jo, I gravitated to colour, colour, metallic and more colour. While I still do love colour and metallic sheens, I have started to crave more neutrals in my wardrobe. Now that we’re into March, I find myself wanting to rid my life of all that winter black and grey. As I start to plan how I’ll lighten up for Spring, here are few things on my radar (and likely Jo’s too):

nudes{ Crossbody Bag // T-Shirt // Make-Up // Trench Coat // Flats // Pumps // Headband // Shimmer Brick // Scarf // Nailpolish // Heels }


We HEART Gucci

So, Jo and I may or may not walk through Nordstrom‘s 3-5 times a week to stare lovingly at all things Gucci. Is it us, or is Gucci killing it right now? Mens, womens, kids….it’s all so spectacular right now!

Few items on my covet list:

Gucci{ Gucci, Nordstrom }

So, Mr. if you are reading this, don’t say you didn’t know what I wanted on Mother’s day { wink, wink }!

What are your favourite items right now? (For the record I’m pushing Jo hard to indulge in those loafers….).






Baby’s 1st Birthday – Let’s Flamingle!

I have to admit, since I found out I was pregnant I became obsessed with first birthday party ideas. I’ve been collecting Pins and checking out blogs for unique, stylish first birthday party ideas. There was no fooling the Mister when it came time to start planning our little Miss’ 1st birthday, this party was more for me than her….

Until the Miss is old enough to ask for her own party theme, there will be no Princess parties. This likely makes me a terrible mother, but I’d like to avoid those types of parties for as long as possible, if not forever. After much pinterest-storming, I decided on a Flamingo themed party. We chose a venue that was clean, fresh and modern, meaning that there was lots of natural light, white and gold. So, I thought adding flamingos would add some ‘California Cool” to the party. Once the venue was booked I ordered these amazing invitations:

Daya 1st Birthday Invitation

My goal was to have a non-tacky, overly hot-pink flamingo theme party, and these invites on point. #Success

Our venue was gorgeous and it didn’t take very much to make it have the feel I wanted. I love the look of giant balloons, so I based most of the decor around balloons. Lesson learned for future events, if you have a good backdrop (venue), the rest will work. Other lesson learned, no procrastination! I had planned to rent flamingo garden stakes, but by the time I got around to it, the rental company was closed on the weekend of the party. #Fail. Also, as I didn’t actually jot down my ideas, I totally forgot I wanted to buy pineapples and spray paint them gold as additional pieces of decor around the venue. #Fail. Also, while I was happy with the balloons, I really wanted those big giant round balloons that are really popular these days. I was nervous ordering the 30″+ balloons, but I should have. At 17″, the round balloons aren’t truly round. And, the doors of the restaurant would have been able to accommodate the size of the giant balloons.


{ Pink, Gold, White…colour me happy! }


{ Do you spy the crocheted flamingos along the tables? }



IMG_20160828_193111 (1)

{ I made this flamingo painting using an overhead to help me get the sketch right. It was a great prop for photos for the Little Miss and our guests. }

20160825_205401 20160815_163010{ I forgot to take better pictures, but party favours for adults were cookies and the little ones got Little Miss or Little Mr Books with a flamingo or pineapple pencil. }


{ Tell me this cake isn’t perfection?! And, the cupcakes were absolutely delicious too. }

Despite some of the lessons learned, I loved how the birthday turned out. The Mr and I both have large families, so it was nice to be able to throw a big birthday party without compromising the ambiance, decor and food we wanted. All in all, while the Little Miss will never remember the event, the pictures should stand up years to come.

I can’t wait to plan next years birthday! Mind you, time really needs to move a bit slower now.

{ Sources }
Invitations: Etikette Design Studio
Venue: EVO Kitchen - While I haven’t written much about the venue, let me tell you the food was AM-AZING! I couldn’t have been happier with menu and our guests seemed to really love the food as well. Also, major points for the unbelievable service. EVO went above and beyond and not only will we back for lunch/dinner/dessert on our own, I truly hope we can use them for an event down the road. Also, our venue was in Cambridge, as most of our family live west of Toronto. For anyone looking for a wedding venue or other special event out towards Cambridge/KW, you HAVE to check out the space. They are currently working on the final touches of their private space on the upstairs as well. 
Cake: c/o thegirlnextdoorbakesstay tuned for a blog post on my super talented friend. Until then follow her on instagram ASAP! 
Cupcakes: c/o Slice of Pie … such a generous gift for Daya’s birthday. And, let me tell you the maple cupcakes will always be my favourtie cupcake of life. 
Balloons: Putti Fine Furnishing
Crocheted Flamingo Appliques (for tables): my mom who used a DIY Pin I found
Party Hats, Happy Birthday Garland: Homesense
Flamingo painting: DIY
“One” script balloon: Brika Storefront
Cookies: Lindsey Bakes
Loot Bags: Indigo, HomeSense


Curb Appeal Upgrade

Last summer we became legit homeowners. The decision to leave Toronto was clear cut for so we searched for our very own patch of grass somewhere along the GO Train line.

I had visions of a cute Victorian and ended up in a renovated 1950’s bungalow. Aesthetically, not exactly what I had in mind. The curb appeal issue gnawed at me and then got out. of. control. after the winter thaw. Weeds gave way to more weeds and that hedge… IMPOSSIBLE. . It was time for professional intervention.




Major transformation! I’m looking forward to sharing some posts about the process in the coming weeks, including the name of the coolest landscaper around. In the meantime… I’m off to water.






Hello? Is anyone out there?

Well….we definitely didn’t keep our promise that we’d be back in 2016. Ooops. Can we say life got busy? Or we just fell out of our groove? Either way for our friends who have been checking in on the blog, thanks for your continued interest. We still heart this space so much and we haven’t stopped thinking about all the things we want to blog about. I can assure you we have been up to some fun things: home decor/renovations, motherhood, getting fit and travelling. It’s just hard to get moving after taking such a long break. Sorry for our extended absence; but for real this time, we’ll be back.


Mat Leave: The Capsule Collection

Where have I been you ask? Well, I spent the better part of the winter with the worst morning sickness. Then in the spring/summer I was so happy to feel normal, I was out and about and enjoying my last days before becoming a mom*. Well, now that the babe is 11 weeks, I’m feeling ready to reunite with EA.

Well, now that you know where I have been, let me tell you what I have been wearing. Let me introduce you to my Maternity Leave Capsule Collection. Which is a fancy way of saying I wear a variation of the same outfit every {single} day.
Mat Leave Capsule Collection

Things I recommend for mat leave wardrobes: comfy, versatile and easy maintenance. This is not the time for hand wash, dry clean only clothes. And, skip the pjs all day. You’ll feel better if you’re a little put together and ready for family/friends unexpectedly stopping in for baby cuddles and you’ll always be ready for a quick walk for much needed coffee and Vitamin D.

Tops {1, 2, 3, 4, 5**}***
Bottoms {1, 2, 3, 4}
Shoes {1, 2}

Everything I’m living in is easy for nursing and cleaning up unexpected spit-ups. Also, to each their own, but I also have been trying to buy clothes that won’t break the bank, cause once this year is up, I know I’m going to want a massive back to work shopping spree.

Mammas out there, sound off below and let us know your go-to clothes during this time.



* 2 1/2 months post-baby and that’s still a weird term!
** I bought these cheap and cheerful maternity tanks while pregnant and find I still wear them since they are easy for nursing.
*** Not pictured here, but I’ve been also layering those maternity tanks with cardigans. Notable favourites the Tory Burch simone cardigan and a leopard print cardigan I scored at a Gap Factory Store.



It’s common knowledge among the folks who know and tolerate me that I’m Pinterest- obsessed. The creative possibilities send my brain into overdrive {particularly the totally unrealistic lobe} resulting in a laundry list of fictional cabins to build, vacations to take and dinner parties to throw.


{ Just me? Photo credit }

In the spirit of my unnatural love affair, I’m embarking on a Pinter-testing project to help avoid the dreaded #PinterestFail and find ideas that are legitimately replicable.Up first, “Bell Pepper Eggs”. I mean, they look pretty awesome but will they actually work when I try to wow a brunch crowd?

THE PIN { found here }:





In theory, this recipe is a piece of cake. In practice…well, they’re deceiving. Here’s why:

*It seems obvious {darn, hindsight} but peppers and eggs cook at a different rate. In the time it take your egg to be cooked that pepper is still raw.  I prefer a softer pepper so I lightly cooked the rings on both sides before cracking the egg in.

*You’ve got to really press that pepper into the pan otherwise your egg will seep out from under the pepper. It will NOT look like the pretty Pinterest image, I can tell you that.

*Pepper rings create a fortress around your egg preventing even heat distribution. If you want to avoid salmonella it would be an idea to make sure you cover the eggs while cooking.

*This would be a great recipe to try in the oven! If you have a big group just make sure you press those slightly pre-cooked peppers onto a non-stick baking sheet and finish with a quick blast of broiling to make sure the surface is cooked.


Overall, I’m giving this idea and 7/10 for the unmentioned leak factor but otherwise it was a crowd pleaser and I will definitely try it again.






Covet: J. Crew Fall-Winter 2015-16 Collection

Have you been following NYFW? Any favourites looks out there? While I could name a bunch of runways that had my jaw dropped and coveting a more generous clothing budget, I was especially excited about the J. Crew collection. 1) I love yellow. And, there was sooo much yellow! 2) J. Crew is practical for normal life. Good for work and play in my world. 3) The clothes on the runway are actually attainable. And, if you have a good eye, you can probably snag something on sale when it hits the stores.

Sharing some of my favourite looks from the J. Crew Fall/Winter 2015-16 runway.


{ Umm, furry jacket. Yellow. Leopard. What’s not to love?
I might trade the open toe shoes for something closed for our colder Canadian climate. }


{ I would never think to pair bright yellow and pale pink. But isn’t it striking? }


{ This makes me think of the Spring/Summer Tory Burch colour palate few years back. Yellow, gold, nude, textures. This has me longing for September. }


 { I love the fresh white pumps with colour blocking. }


{ In all honesty, this is not something I would wear.
But, I love the mix of sequins with casual chambray. }

Sound off below and let us know what your favourite looks were on the runways this past week.

*Photos via