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Either you like being alone, or you shudder at the thought. Don’t get me wrong, I like being social and going out, but I also really covet my alone time. If you’re in that category as well, you know this is cherished time to unabashedly eat and do anything you like.

Things on my to do list when I’m home alone:

1. Eat Mr. Noodles for dinner (with a side of sour keys).
2. Watch reruns of my favourite episodes of Sex and the City and Gossip Girl.
3. Talk to my dog.
4. Organize drawers and clear clutter.
5. Catch-up on magazines.
6. Listen to music (and sing along) on full blast.
7. Dive into the novel on my bedside table.
8. Walk around in lounge wear and my favourite high heels.
9. Practice pirouettes wearing wool socks on slippery tiles.
10. Fall asleep on the couch.

Can you relate to anything on my list? Do tell.

What are your favourite things to do when you’re home alone?


PSA: Wear Mittens

I remember when growing up I hated wearing mitts. They felt childish and juvenile. But, in my late 20’s I rediscovered and embraced mittens. Maybe it’s walking and taking public transport everywhere, or the colder temperatures, but gloves just won’t cut it anymore. I don’t care what you say, even the warmest gloves will eventually lead to numb fingers. So, I say: Wear Mittens.


{Talula Fulton Heart / Talula Fulton }

And not just any mittens, but Aritiza’s mittens. I kid you not, they are the best. They are fleece lined, inexpensive and have a wide range of on trend colours. If you can’t be convinced and knitted mitts just aren’t your thing, check out these ones from Rudsak. They are quite possibly the most bad a$$ mitts I’ve ever seen.

Stay warm friends (and wear mittens)!



These Boots Were Made for Walking

I still have vacation on my brain, but reluctantly I finally packed away all my sandals. Tragic.

My dislike of winter footwear is apparent since I’m always slow to embrace vital winter purchases. Like I only purchased sorels last year when the polar vortex showed no signs of relenting, so options were limited in-store. However, this year, I’m in need of some booties and I want to make sure I get a pair I love. What I’m in the market for: booties that (i) I can wear to work, (ii) wear out, and (iii) actually walk in. No need for sky high heels, cause I’m bound to bail on black ice walking into a restaurant. Also, other requirement: no black.

Here are few picks that have made it onto my radar.


{ Top: 1, 2 }
{ Bottom: 1, 2 }

What do you think? Should I bite the bullet on one of these?


Try It! { Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse – Toronto }

A juicy goodness-knows-how big steak conjures images of mobsters, Old Hollywood and and robust men who buy and sell small countries before I eat breakfast.

Frankly, The Keg usually does the job if I’m looking for a red wine/red meat kind of meal but last month’s dinner was different–we had a milestone to celebrate! My brother turned 21 and being a reserved kind of guy, didn’t want a party or any fuss. We couldn’t let the occasion pass and decided to take him out for a serious man’s meal.


Jacob’s knocked his socks off. The meat aging locker, the tableside caesar salad prep and the bright modern space kind of blew his mind. I’m pretty sure we impressed upon him the virtues of higher education the moment we settled into one of the mammoth horseshoe booths.


 Our waitress {and my awesome friend Amy} gave us great ordering tips I wanted to pass along. Firstly, steaks can be shared which is a good thing since they’re the cost of the prince’s ransom. Secondly, it’s a great idea to consider getting at least two steaks of the same cut to compare types of beef/meat aging. We were all a little floored by the contrast between USDA Prime Black Angus T-Bone from North Dakota, buttery with a carpaccio-like rare texture and the gamey, grass-fed Hereford Prime from High River Alberta {aged 60 and 48 days respectively}. Both were amazing cuts but I likely wouldn’t have appreciated the mind-blowing Prime Angus without experiencing the Hereford.


We had a whopping 50 oz of steak {well, minus the Fred Flinstone bones} so sides were really more of an afterthought. I would say that the Caesar and duck fat frites aren’t to be missed but most other options just serve as distractions from phenomenal steak. Finally, if you’re trying to find ways to manage the excessive amount of food and the corresponding damage to your wallet, sides can be halved and the cheddar popovers are practically meal-sized.

All-in-all we had a lovely meal and would make our way back again if the occasion {or steak craving} warranted it. Hmm…oddly enough, writing this post has set my stomach rumbling. Go figure?




Hats off to You ;)

I had the chance to visit the 5-storey Uniqlo while in Tokyo this past October. After coming across the accessories wall, I decided to jump on the floppy hat bandwagon when I saw that this bad boy was on promo for $12. It’s like free!

I’ve worn it almost everyday since I returned. Since I’m not usually one to wear hats, I am still searching for some inspiration on how to wear and style it. If you’re thinking of getting into the floppy hat trend this Fall/Winter, here are a few of my favourite picks for inspiration.


{ Hat / #1 / #2 / #3 / #4 }

Do you think you will add a floppy hat into your wardrobe mix? Let us know what you think.



This Weekend

Happy Halloween!

DIY Halloween Decor: Colorful painted pumpkins with gold glitter stems

This weekend we have high and low activities on the go. From handing out candy and taking it easy, to teasing the heck out of hair for a trip to Nashville! { Stay tuned for Joanne’s Nashville debrief. }

Over the weekend if you have time for some light reading, check out these links:

-12 words even smart people get wrong
-Habits of people on time 
-Vogue’s Guide to Toronto

Have a great weekend!

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Tokyo: Aoyama Flower Market and Tea House

Hi Team!

I just got back from the best 2-week vacation: Tokyo and Bali! The Mr. and I planned a trip to Bali and when our flight to Bali looked like there would be a layover in Tokyo we decided to get on out and discover the city for a few days. So. Much. Fun.

While there were so many highlights – like getting my much coveted Hello Kitty donut, stationary shopping, authentic sushi and hanging out with the kids in Harajuku – one of my favourite stops was at the Aoyama Flower Market and Tea House. I first heard about this gem from this amazing food blog Iron Lady Chef.


{ The storefront has a stunning selection of flowers, arrangements and other tools to keep your flowers fresh at home. }


{ Some of the flowers for sale. }


{ More flowers. }


{ Even more flowers. }


{ Even the flower food, mists and scissors are adorable here. }


{ This place is popular- it was almost a 30-minute wait to finally get into the tea house. }


{ You are surrounded by greens and flowers as you enjoy your nibbles and tea.}


{ Even the view from windows has gardens. }


{ How cute is the single rose presented with the best tea ever? }

Although the surroundings may depict a Secret Garden feel, there is nothing delicate about this place. It’s just a peaceful setting to unwind with a wide assortment of teas.

If for some reason you find yourself in Tokyo, I highly recommend that you get yourself to the Aoyama Flower Market and Tea House. You will surely not be disappointed as you unwind from this busy city.


This Weekend

A broken down laptop and a much needed vacation have taken us away from our beloved EA. As we go into the weekend, here are the highlights from the last few weeks:

Esh made a visit to this GORGEOUS spot:


Jo’s brother celebrated the big 2-1 at Jacob’s & Co. Steakhouse {review to come!}


…and new Thanksgiving culinary traditions were forged with a tasty root veggie tart:


We’ll be back to regularly scheduled posting {a few times a week} from here on in. Expect a great vacation recap, restaurant view and full debrief of tonight’s Backyard Axe Throwing League birthday party.

Have a wonderful weekend, folks.


Stylish Sweatpants

So, it’s Monday and I don’t know about you, but I wish I was still in bed all cuddled up. I’m unimpressed that I’m in my work gear and not comfy clothes. While I don’t think sweats would fly in my office environment, today I can’t help but want to invest in some sweatpants that are meant to be worn outside of the safe confines of my home.

Untitled{ ONE / TWO / THREE / FOUR / FIVE }

This feeling may pass in a few hours though. What do you think? Would you dress up sweats?



Our Travel Collection

Greg & I met while I was a grad student in the UK. On a leap of faith, he relocated to Scotland and from there we kindled a mutual love of exploring new places. On a wintery trip to Prague, an impromptu warm-up stop in a bookstore kicked off a children’s book collection with the (sappy!) hope that we could one day share it with our little ones.

Earlier this week I organized our bookshelf and had the chance to pull out our travel collection. I was a bit stunned to see five years of travel laid out before me. I could clearly remember each purchase, why we decided on the story and the nostalgia of each phase of our relationship.

Here’s a peek at the collection + a few of my favourites:




{Edinburgh: the city where we fell in love and have since returned to visit}


{Bali: a reminder of our much loved honeymoon and days spent hiking in the rice paddies}


{Marrakesh: probably one of our favourite places ever!}


{Hawaii: NeNe would join us for morning coffee on our patio every day in Kauai}

Do you collect anything when you go away? I’m excited to display these proudly on our shelf even if there are no little ones to enjoy them just yet!