50% Off Offer: The Make Den

If you’ve been following us, you know that we have some serious love for The Make Den (see here and here). Well, have they got an offer for EA readers: 50% off the Upcycling FUNdamentals class in April/May.

Upcycling FUNdamentals is a new class they are offering that is focused on sustainability and upcycling to create new clothes. This four-week course will fill your closet with amazing goodies like: handmade moccasins, fringed earrings, infinity scarves and a leather clutch! Awesome, no? And, at 50% off, it’s basically free!


{ Can you believe these used to be bike tires? }


{ And an old, drab coat becomes comfy new mocs! }

To take advantage of The Make Den’s 50% off offer for the April/May Upcycling FUNdamentals class, use the promo code: AWESOME. Note that the promo code is case sensitive.

{ Helpful hint: Share the promo code love with your friends if you don’t want them stealing your new creations! }

See you at The Make Den!

The Nudes Collection

NudeThis might age me, but remember when crayons used to have a “flesh” colour? So, whenever you wanted to colour a person-in, they were always the same pinky-beige shade. Well, if you haven’t been up on your crayola game, they now have a “multicultural” line of crayons.

But, I digress. Let’s talk about The Nudes Collection. That’s right, nudes, as in plural, as in more than one “nude” colour to choose from! I’m not sure how long this has been out, but how refreshing that there are shades of nude to choose from? Nude shoes are supposed to elongate your leg, but how when it breaks up your leg due to it being 3 shades too light? Well, just like Crayola realized how limiting “flesh” is, Christian Louboutin has too. I realize that not all of you have Christian Louboutin budgets (a girl can dream though), but this is definitely a step in the right direction. And, my fingers are crossed that other brands (low to high) will start catering more shades of nude.

So, what do you think: Are these shades of nude enough to make you want to splurge on a pair of Louboutins??


Date Night, We Missed You

You may recall earlier this year I made a few lifestyle resolutions including staying connected with my husband. The last few months have given us a run for our money work and life-wise so we’ve decided to re-commit to making time for us.

Here’s our super simple four-pronged plan:

Staying Connected

{Image credit: 1, 2, 3, & 4}

1. We’ve declared the first Thursday of each month our night to head out to a new restaurant we’ve been dying to try. We’ve already gone ahead and made reservations up until August and are looking forward to kicking off each new month with good food, wine and time to focus on each other.

2. It may sound corny but every time we go to hot yoga we leave feeling so connected. We may not be yogis but standing, sitting or lying side-by-side sweating it out we chill out and sneak in the odd savasana hand-hold.

3. G’s a big fan of lists and his favourite daily query is to ask for my “top 5″ highlights from work. Going forward, we’re going to re-jig this game to tell each other what our relationship highlights were from the week, i.e. I loved when you made me dinner, appreciated you calling me after my big meeting today, etc. etc.

4. Last but not least, if you’re a couple that have diverse commutes you’ll understand this one! We NEVER get to have breakfast together on a weekday and it sometimes sucks not being able to start the day off as a team. Even if it’s just a quick coffee we’re committing to re-prioritizing and grabbing that AM cup of joe.

I’ll report back soon with observations on our mini-plan. Do you have anything special you do to appreciate your partner and stay connected? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


This Weekend



It’s going to be downright balmy this weekend so get out and enjoy it! Here’s what we have on the go:

-Jo is taking a quick break to visit the island of São Miguel in the Azores, Portugal {pictured above}. More on that next week!

-Family time, including making this delicious & festive looking chocolate bark

-A housewarming–it’s always fun to fete a new friend’s house. We won’t show up empty-handed though

What are you up to this weekend? Hope you enjoy it wherever you are!


A special shout out to Amy–wishing you a wonderful wedding shower. x

Flying in Style

In keeping with our travel prepping posts (see here and here), how about in-flight attire? What do you wear? Do you dress up in hopes of being upgraded to first class or do you show-up in glorified pj’s to stay comfy?

My preference is looking put together, yet comfortable.  My hair will always be done and outfit coordinated, but you will not find me in stilettos. If you are in for a long-haul, I like to keep it simple with multi-purpose layers (it gets cold up there!), and fidget-free. So, whether you like to be a bit a more dressed up or casual, I’ve put together two travel outfits that will guarantee you’ll be flying in style.

Fly in Style

{ Foundation PieceLeggings }
{ DressyBlazer (super soft, button free and comfortable) Tank (or this),
Sandals, Scarf (similar), Duffel Bag }
{ CasualSweater, Tank, Sneakers, Scarf (similar), Bag }

Also, I keep jewelry to a minimum. This isn’t really a time for statement pieces, so I stick to my everyday bracelet, earrings and watch. It’s also really helpful to sometimes board the plane wearing your bulkiest shoes or jackets, to ease the weight of your checked baggage. Once you’re on the plane, stuff them overhead and change into more bearable shoes and sweaters.

What do you think? Share with us how you like to fly below.





{ Pet peeve: Short-shorts and mini-skirts aboard the plane. Really, I don’t care where you’re flying, it’s never warm in the air, and unless you have a private jet, do you really want your bare legs on the seat? Seems super gross me. }

Workwear Wednesday: Post-Work Drinks

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 22.28.36

{Outfits: Dress, Tote, Shoulder Bag, Flats, Heels, Glasses, Earrings & Scarf}

Those days when you’re headed for 5 o’clock cocktails are plain stressful, style-wise. You need something comfortable for the long haul but cute enough to make you feel good. My advice is to get your mileage from your outfit {this easy dress from J.Crew is a winner!} but change up your accessories to add a little glam without giving your pals the impression you spent the afternoon getting ready to see them. Ditch your big tote at work and you’re ready for a glass or two {or a bottle!} of mid-week wine.

What are you marathon day dressing secrets? Hashtag your #OOTD selfie with #effortlesslyawesome so we can toast your great style.

Happy Workwear Wednesday!


p.s. Full disclosure, those heels are crazy pricey. If it makes you sick to your stomach to spend $700+ on shoes that aren’t black or nude you’re not alone. I would suggest grabbing this spring-y pair.

A girl can dream though, right?

Etsy at Indigo & Other Great Finds

Did you catch our find on instagram last week: Etsy at Indigo? I’m a sucker for insta-gratification and the anticipation of ordering off of Etsy can be too much sometimes. How do I know if what I ordered is actually as nice as in pictures? Which is really silly, cause I’ve yet to be disappointed.

Nonetheless, if you also like insta-in-store-gratification, Indigo has done it again with the Etsy at Indigo line (in-store and online). Check out my favourite finds:


{ Knot & Bow }


{ The Aestate }


{ Studiopatro }

Adorable, no? Go check it out at Indigo!

If you have the patience to wait for shipping times, other items I’ve ordered off of Etsy and have been so in love with:

-Sunburst Driftwood Wreath - I still smile every time I see this wreath above my bed. It’s like a breath of fresh air.
-Personalized World Long Distance Art Print – An adorable print that shows where I was born (Canada) and my husband (India). Super cute.
-Return Address Stamps – Honestly, every time I look at stamps online, my favourites are without a doubt by foryoo. Now that I’ve moved, I need to order a new one.
-Wine Gift Bags – Yes, this is shameless self-promotion for the wine bags I made and put up on Etsy!

Share your favourite etsy purchases on instagram with us and hashtag us (#effortlesslyawesome).


Spring Cleaning: Top Spots for Waxing (and a 15% off offer!)

*Keep reading for an offer exclusively for Effortlessly Awesome Readers!*

Spring cleaning isn’t just for home organizing, it is also a good time to get back into your routine for hair removal. And from the sounds of it, many of you will be taking advantage of Easter for spring vacations and with the thermometers rising, bathing suit season isn’t too far off from here (wishful thinking?!).

One reader asked us to feature some tried, tested and true places for waxes -bikini to Brazilian, eyebrows to arms- that will make your trip to the spa as bearable as possible. So, without further ado, here are the top spots from my survey of EA Readers.

1. Waxon
Highlights: It’s clean, staff are friendly and appointments are always on time. Other perks include the bottle of water when you arrive and online bookings. Our reader says that for her low pain tolerance and sensitive skin, this place is a sure bet every time and she won’t go anywhere else for any grooming “down south”.


Waxon int 01 copy

2. Esthetics Studio Two
Highlights: Services are provided by women who have the ability to wax even the most sensitive areas with little discomfort. In fact, you could squeeze in a lunch time appointment and go back to work with no worries of lingering pain. Other perks include the consistent promotions, making this place an economical choice for serious expertise.

3. Civello (Queen St.)
Highlights: Hard wax means you don’t have to wait in anticipation of pain the way you might with regular wax. All around testimonials that this place is “amazing”. Other perks: Make a day out of it, get your hair styled before or after your waxing service.

4. Sugarmoon Salon
Highlights: If it worked for the ancient Egyptians, it’ll work for you. Body sugaring instead of wax is all natural and depending on your pain tolerance, it may hurt less than regular waxing. Other perks: Online bookings and 4 locations to choose from. Plus, a guilt-free way to indulge in some sugar!

Have you guys tried out any of these spots or have anywhere else to add to the list? Sound off in the comments and share the wealth!

*READER PROMOTION*: I was invited by Waxon Waxbar to come check them out this past week and let me tell you- it was a dream! The space is cheerful, the staff are friendly and I left with the smoothest, hair-free skin ever. Plus, it all went so quickly, I didn’t notice any discomfort during the waxing. Go experience it for yourself! Waxon Waxbar is offering EA Readers 15% off your service at either the Summerhill or PATH location. Just let them know you read about them on Effortlessly Awesome. So, what are you waiting for? Book now to get bikini ready and save 15%! { Small Print: For new clients and one-time use only. }

{ Photo credits: Waxon Waxbar }




This Weekend

It’s a mixed weekend here at EA. While we’re super excited to share in the celebration of weddings and birthdays, we are also sad for a friend’s personal loss. Sending lots of love to these very special ladies in our lives x




Have you been to a wedding here? We can’t wait!
We’re up in Meaford visiting the lovely Coffin Ridge Winery for the Maple Medley Festival
Peruvian food=delicious! Can’t wait to fête a friend over ceviche and pisco sours.

How are you celebrating the first weekend of April?



A Walk on the Wild “Slide”: Summer It Shoe

It Shoe

{ Marni / Ancient Greek Sandals / See by Chloe / Birkenstock / Aldo / Marni / Birkenstock / H&M }

It took me many years to embrace Birks, but once I did (only 2 summers ago), I can’t imagine life without them. Mine are in a pearl white and I wear them everyday and everywhere. Not only are they super comfortable (I can walk hours in them), but street style and runways have shown that they are as classic, as they are fashion forward.

Now, beyond Birkenstocks, I’m not sure how I feel about all these chunky slides being the ‘It” shoe of the season. I personally would need some tutorials on how to style them. However, I suspect that as these slides become more prevalent on and off the runways, they will seem less awkward. Nonetheless, if you’re going to get on trend with these slides, I recommend not breaking the bank and checking out the wallet friendly options.

What do you think: Fashion do, or fashion don’t?