Mat Leave: The Capsule Collection

Where have I been you ask? Well, I spent the better part of the winter with the worst morning sickness. Then in the spring/summer I was so happy to feel normal, I was out and about and enjoying my last days before becoming a mom*. Well, now that the babe is 11 weeks, I’m feeling ready to reunite with EA.

Well, now that you know where I have been, let me tell you what I have been wearing. Let me introduce you to my Maternity Leave Capsule Collection. Which is a fancy way of saying I wear a variation of the same outfit every {single} day.
Mat Leave Capsule Collection

Things I recommend for mat leave wardrobes: comfy, versatile and easy maintenance. This is not the time for hand wash, dry clean only clothes. And, skip the pjs all day. You’ll feel better if you’re a little put together and ready for family/friends unexpectedly stopping in for baby cuddles and you’ll always be ready for a quick walk for much needed coffee and Vitamin D.

Tops {1, 2, 3, 4, 5**}***
Bottoms {1, 2, 3, 4}
Shoes {1, 2}

Everything I’m living in is easy for nursing and cleaning up unexpected spit-ups. Also, to each their own, but I also have been trying to buy clothes that won’t break the bank, cause once this year is up, I know I’m going to want a massive back to work shopping spree.

Mammas out there, sound off below and let us know your go-to clothes during this time.



* 2 1/2 months post-baby and that’s still a weird term!
** I bought these cheap and cheerful maternity tanks while pregnant and find I still wear them since they are easy for nursing.
*** Not pictured here, but I’ve been also layering those maternity tanks with cardigans. Notable favourites the Tory Burch simone cardigan and a leopard print cardigan I scored at a Gap Factory Store.



It’s common knowledge among the folks who know and tolerate me that I’m Pinterest- obsessed. The creative possibilities send my brain into overdrive {particularly the totally unrealistic lobe} resulting in a laundry list of fictional cabins to build, vacations to take and dinner parties to throw.


{ Just me? Photo credit }

In the spirit of my unnatural love affair, I’m embarking on a Pinter-testing project to help avoid the dreaded #PinterestFail and find ideas that are legitimately replicable.Up first, “Bell Pepper Eggs”. I mean, they look pretty awesome but will they actually work when I try to wow a brunch crowd?

THE PIN { found here }:





In theory, this recipe is a piece of cake. In practice…well, they’re deceiving. Here’s why:

*It seems obvious {darn, hindsight} but peppers and eggs cook at a different rate. In the time it take your egg to be cooked that pepper is still raw.  I prefer a softer pepper so I lightly cooked the rings on both sides before cracking the egg in.

*You’ve got to really press that pepper into the pan otherwise your egg will seep out from under the pepper. It will NOT look like the pretty Pinterest image, I can tell you that.

*Pepper rings create a fortress around your egg preventing even heat distribution. If you want to avoid salmonella it would be an idea to make sure you cover the eggs while cooking.

*This would be a great recipe to try in the oven! If you have a big group just make sure you press those slightly pre-cooked peppers onto a non-stick baking sheet and finish with a quick blast of broiling to make sure the surface is cooked.


Overall, I’m giving this idea and 7/10 for the unmentioned leak factor but otherwise it was a crowd pleaser and I will definitely try it again.






Covet: J. Crew Fall-Winter 2015-16 Collection

Have you been following NYFW? Any favourites looks out there? While I could name a bunch of runways that had my jaw dropped and coveting a more generous clothing budget, I was especially excited about the J. Crew collection. 1) I love yellow. And, there was sooo much yellow! 2) J. Crew is practical for normal life. Good for work and play in my world. 3) The clothes on the runway are actually attainable. And, if you have a good eye, you can probably snag something on sale when it hits the stores.

Sharing some of my favourite looks from the J. Crew Fall/Winter 2015-16 runway.


{ Umm, furry jacket. Yellow. Leopard. What’s not to love?
I might trade the open toe shoes for something closed for our colder Canadian climate. }


{ I would never think to pair bright yellow and pale pink. But isn’t it striking? }


{ This makes me think of the Spring/Summer Tory Burch colour palate few years back. Yellow, gold, nude, textures. This has me longing for September. }


 { I love the fresh white pumps with colour blocking. }


{ In all honesty, this is not something I would wear.
But, I love the mix of sequins with casual chambray. }

Sound off below and let us know what your favourite looks were on the runways this past week.

*Photos via


{ Weekend Update }


We’re feeling the winter blues over at EA and short of a trip to the Barbados, we’ll be using this weekend to rejuvenate. Few things on the go this weekend:

-Indulging in home décor magazines to reignite the creative juices
-Catching up with friends over a Winterlicious dinner
-Squeezing in a yoga class at the Yoga Sanctuary

Stay warm and let us know what you’ve been up to over the weekend.



Au Revoir Lip Smakers

UntitledYouth of the 90’s, have you heard the news? Lip Smakers is ceasing production in North America. I have to admit I found this news tragic – that reaction might be a touch on the dramatic side…

I haven’t purchased Lip Smakers in 10 years, but Lip Smakers was like a milestone between childhood and tween/teenage years. Like really, how many of you can still remember your favourite go-to Lip Smakers flavour? Mine were Peach, Dr. Pepper and the roll-on Vanilla. I even remember experimenting with their pot of lip gloss and using it as eyeshadow. :)

Before they disappear from the shelves of drugstores, I plan on stocking up on a few sticks for nostalgia sake. Are any of you feeling equally sad about this news?



{This Weekend}



This about sums us up these days. We’re DESPERATE for vitamin D and we’ll take it any way we can get it. Here’s hoping for lots of sunny winter days in February. In the mean time, this is what we’ve got on tap for the weekend:

-A date to explore the Aga Khan Museum
-Major R&R at home
-Shopping for a new winter jacket
-Superbowl partying {here’s what we’re thinking of making this salad}

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,eshaandjosig

{Favourite Places} Edinburgh, Scotland

In a meditation class I was once asked to close my eyes and picture the place where I felt most serene. As my mind scanned through a kaleidoscope of images it landed on the view over Edinburgh. Picturing mossy hills, medieval tenements and the Firth of Forth Bridge brought my pulse to a standstill. In fact, from that day onward it’s been the same view I picture every time I need to find some emotional calm.

Admittedly, Edinburgh and I, we’ve had rocky romance. First love brought me to Scotland, graduate school kept me there and if it weren’t for my wonderful {now} husband, that first heartbreak might have ended my relationship with Edinburgh forever. I’m so glad to have stuck it out—after what we’ve been through, we’re tied together for life.
IMG_5879[1] image3

IMG_5881[1] IMG_5886[1] IMG_5891[1]

IMG_5880[1]Rain, fog, hail or shine {and you’ll likely experience all in a visit} it’s just so gorgeous. Here are my favourite spots to…

Edinburgh Castle
Dean Village
Arthur’s Seat
Calton Hill
The Grassmarket
The Royal Mile
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival
The University of Edinburgh
Greyfriar’s Kirk {and Bobby}

Timberyard*** a must try
The Gardener’s Cottage
Mosque Kitchen
The Cumberland Bar***amazing burgers. seriously
Mary’s Milk Bar
Panda & Sons
The Sheep Heid Inn
Peter’s Yard
The Elephant House

Harris Tweed
Vintage Cashmere***Armstrong’s

Ibis Southbridge***mini rooms but great prices
AirBnB***location, location, location
The Grassmarket Hotel

If you’re planning a trip to Europe this year and haven’t already included Scotland I swear it’s worth a detour. Just one favour though. If you make it to Peter’s Yard can you grab an extra cardamom bun for your favourite e-tour guide? {A girl can try, right?}



An ACTUAL 3 Week Mani

Are you a fan of “shellac”-type manicures? I’ll admit that I’ve had some underwhelming experiences. From poor application to burned hands thanks to cheap curing machines, I was losing faith in the elusive 2-3 week manicure until I discovered Polish’d Nail Bar in Toronto’s PATH system. For little more than the cost of visiting you local nail salon ($36), you’ll get a perfect manicure using amazing colours from Artistic Nail Design and it’ll last 3 weeks. Did you read that? $36=3 weeks.


{Mani update…over a week in!}

Tip: if you’re not into the removal process with shellac, you can always book a regular manicure for $23 using on-trend polishes from Chanel and Deborah Lippman. Just be sure to e-mail or call ahead for an appointment because this spot is seriously busy. Oh, and leave yourself some time to get lost from St. Andrew Station because, well, the PATH’s an adventure like that.

If you’re headed to Polish’d don’t forget to show us your perfect nails by tagging @EshandJo on Instagram.