Perfect Pies

So, I love baking. I always have, but I’ve never taken classes and haven’t really learned much about the science of it all. Well, last week I took my first ever baking class, Perfect Pies, at Le Dolci. While I never doubted that I would have an amazing evening, I never would have guessed that in 2 short hours I would learn so much about the science and technique in pie-making.

My hands were covered in butter and flour which didn’t allow me to take the best pictures, but alas:


{ My first time using vanilla bean paste. Teacher advice: Always buy vanilla more expensive than you can afford. This one was $100+. When it’s not the real stuff, let’s just say that it uses some goo from beaver bums…}


{ I have a serious love for apple pie. And, the smell of the studio with fresh apples and cinnamon was amazing! }IMG_20140911_203117

{ Best thing about studio classes – giant work space. Plus, you don’t have to clean your kitchen afterwards! }20140911_211711

{ So, there is no after shot of my pie since as soon as it was out of the oven, well, it was in my stomach….Some of my lattices fell apart, so the hearts did a good job of camouflaging some mistakes. }

This was a great way to spend time with a friend, learn from a professional and go home with some baked goods. I highly recommend you check out Le Dolci for classes if you’re interested.

Anyone want to go to the donut making class with me?!



First Look!

Our new wallpaper is up! Huzzah!

IMG_5319[1] IMG_5321[1]
{Mind the mess–these pics were snapped right after insallation}

We ended up installing the print on a little slice of wall beside our kitchen to make it feel more cohesive and so far we’re loving life in Orla Kiely’s colourful universe. Can wait to share more updates from the space when we have everything back to normal and spruced up.

What do you think? Crazy? Boring? Fun? Do you have any wallpaper projects you’ve tried–we’d love to seem them!


{ This Weekend }

Do you have World Cup fever? Even if you aren’t a football fan, you have to love the energy all around the city. There isn’t a pub in the city where you can’t find fans either mourning a loss or cheering along to their favourite team. It’s also tres adorable that the Eaton Centre set up a viewing station.


If you’re looking for some patio action to catch the games this weekend, check out these suggestions here.

Have fun rooting for your team this weekend!


Product Review: {Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask}

{Available at $55}

Step aside, Glam Glow. There’s new competition in town.

Tata Harper products first piqued my interest when I saw that J.Crew was a major supporter. No, not just because I’m seriously mildy obsessed with their brand but because they generally don’t sign off an anything that isn’t of solid quality. I dug a little deeper and discovered that the line is eco-friendly, uses organic ingredients and that reviews everywhere were full of praise. I took the plunge and invested in the $55 Resurfacing Mask.

From the first application {you need to keep the product on for 20-30 mins so be patient} I could tell that something was different. Through the rose-coloured sheen I could see my skin tone looking more luminous, but I remained cautiously optimistic. I mean, maybe it was just the texture of the mask producing that effect? Immediately after washing off I was ready to purchase another jar! My skin looked completely refreshed {I had applied after a long day} and the tone more even than ever.

I’m ready to try more products from the line but am skeptical about the cost–$72 for face wash? Umm… no thanks. I’ll stick with the Resurfacing Mask and have already used it post travel to revive my recycled air-ravaged skin and before a big night out with girlfriends. Two thumbs up from moi!


Urban Farmers’ Market

If you live or work in the downtown core, it can be hard to get your hands on fresh, local food. Especially if you sleep away your weekend and miss out on St. Lawrence Market. The Farmer’s Market at Nathan Phillips Square every Wednesday is everything you’ve been looking for: fresh vegetables, fruit and an assortment of other goodies, like honey, cheese and baked goods.

Plus, if you want to bask in the sun over lunch, you can get your hands on prepared food. I’m not going to lie, I’m a sucker for the homemade ice cream sandwiches and ice pops. I’ve seemingly convinced myself having an ice pop that’s all natural, handmade and with Ontario fruit is what the doctor ordered.


{ Images via }

And come July, Fresh Wednesdays will keep the Market bumping with live music.

Also, if you’re looking for some more urban farmers’ markets across town, check this out.


{ This Weekend }

A big thanks to all of our wonderful readers {you’re seriously the best friends ever!} for all of the sweet messages congratulating us on a year of blogging. It’s an exciting milestone and we can’t wait to keep the celebration going into Father’s Day weekend. We’ll be celebrating this weekend with family, hitting the golf course and heading out of town for a quick work trip.

father's day

Gift giving aside, hope you have a wonderful weekend making the very special men in your life know how much they’re loved.



It’s Our Birthday!!

83164So, we can’t believe it – today marks the 1 year anniversary of Effortlessly Awesome! When we started EA we had no idea where it would take us, or how long we’d stick to it. But over the year, we’ve been encouraged to discover new sites and sounds across the city, share our experiences and inspiration. Thank you to all our readers for checking in on us and joining us on this journey. It is pretty awesome to know that all you out in cyber-world have been reading along over the year.

If you’re aren’t already, don’t forget that you can follow along on our adventures via Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Excited to see where the next year of blogging takes us. Thanks for being part of the Effortlessly Awesome family. xo.